Reiki Treatment

Find your inner calm with massage, reiki and aromatherapy.



I'm Natalie Siobhan, Naturopath, Reiki Practitioner and Massage Therapist, based in Athenree, Waihi in the Bay of Plenty.


I offer an extensive range healing services, customised to those looking to find their inner calm. I also create bespoke herbal teas, aromatherapy oils and bathing salts, to carry on your wellbeing practices at home. 

The creation of Sagrada Wellbeing has been a fulfilling of my calling – to create a platform where I can share my offerings, to those who will benefit from them the most. My objective is to cultivate a high vibrational space, so that those entering feel held, loved and seen. In this healing environment you are free to connect with and be your authentic self – be free to express whatever wants to be heard, without judgement. As an intuitive healer, I am available to assist with the direction of the session as required. 

"Natalie has a very special energy and is very passionate insightful. She is very clear and connected and has a way with people. I felt safe and nurtured on her table leaving with more energy then I came with. I highly recommend booking with Natalie she has a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to really show up and be of service."


Massage Therapy

Enjoy a full body massage with a delicious handmade aromatherapy blend of oils - using a wide range of techniques suited to your needs, including swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage. 

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Reiki Treatments

Reiki has a positive effect on the body mind and soul, helping to facilitate helpful changes to your mental wellbeing and energetic body. 

Effects of reiki can include letting go of old thought processes or energies that are holding us back, clearing activity from an over active mind in order to see our path more clearly and self confidence in getting ourselves aligned to our higher purpose. 

Sagrada Blessing Boxes

A Sagrada Blessing Box Retreat is a half day wellbeing retreat for you or a loved one. 

This ultimate self-care package, includes a personalised tea blending experience, an aromatherapy session, to make your own bespoke oil, at least an hour of massage and reiki and finally a crystal consultation, where we create pouch of hand chosen crystals.


"I feel so grateful to have such an amazingly talented lady in our community! I am addicted! Massage is so worth it, bath salts are two fold! Makes me feel amazing! And makes my bathroom smell sooo good ! I walk in to my bathroom the next day and it smells devine! AND I can't wait to sample the teas! I love myself with a weekly massage from this amazing wahine! Do yourself a favour! You will not be disappointed!"


Bespoke Herbal Teas

Nourish your body and senses with your own signature blend of tea. Herbal teas are a favourite way to take time out for you - and to make it even more special - we hand make your blend especially for you - from a wide range of therapeutic herbs.


First purchase comes with a consult to determine the most beneficial herbs for you, and can be carried out in person or online. Refills are available for consecutive purchases.

Aromatherapy Oils

Custom made oil blends made from a range of exquisite therapeutic grade essential oils and designed for daily ceremonial use.

Can be used for body, bath, hair and massage - to help with physical aspects such as sleep, relaxation, muscle pain, mental focus or the metaphysical such as dream work, self love and connection or meditation. 

Bathing Salts

Now more than ever, we are sensing the importance of bringing ceremony and ritual into everyday life - the opportunity to be still and connected, in the present moment.


Bathing is a beautiful opportunity to create a self care ritual - and each month brings a new creation of bathing salts for use in bath or foot spa. 


Only one batch is made of each monthly recipe - using whole ingredients such as vanilla pods, cacao nibs, herbs, spices and and flower petals, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. 


With each blend more decadent than the last, keep checking in to see which blends appeal to you most - and stock up on your favourites.


"This was one of the most magical bath times I’ve had! I reckon all sorts of potent opportunities for healing, visions, and recharging happen in the bath…and wow was I blown away by the experience of using Sagrada’s bath salts. I had a visionary experience that I can only attribute to the quality and intentional power Natalie puts into her work. Thank you, thank you for gifting me with the tools I need to live a magical life."


Looking to treat someone special? 

Contact me today to arrange a gift certificate. Available for any service or value you wish.