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This Blessing Box has been created with handmade Blue Lotus products, to enhance your lucid dreaming protocol.


Create your own Blue Lotus ritual before bed with the following, carefully selected items:


*Lucid Dreaming Herbal Tea 60g made with Blue Lotus, Jatamansi, Mugwort, Black Velvet Bean, Licorice, Thyme, Passiflora and Wormwood


*Blue Lotus Lucid Dreaming Ceremonial oil 30ml containing essential oils of Blue Lotus (75%), Jatamansi and Mugwort in a sweet almond base, for ceremonial anointing. 


*Lotus meditation candle - natural beeswax 


*Lapiz Lazuli crystal 


Take a look under our 'Blue Lotus' tab, to choose additional items to add to your box.


You can also choose the 'White Lotus' or 'Pink Lotus' Blessing Box options, for sleep and energy clearing or for love and connection. 


Blessing Box Blue Lotus

Lotus Colour
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