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The simplicity of the single flower oils stand alone in its perfection, just like you.


This single flower body oils smell just as nature intended, and are made from aromatherapy grade essential oils, from the most exquisitely fragranced  flowers on earth. 


Contains a high concentration of one of the most highly prized essential oils in the world, in a sweet almond oil base. 


Feedback from recent customers:

"I bought 2 of these beautiful oils, they were to be Christmas gifts, but I love them so much i am keeping them. I got magnolia and Hyacinth."  - Christine


"These smell absolutely divine and I want them all! such high qualitly at a great price! " - Jordan


"I treated myself to one of Nat's creations - white ginger lily. It is absolutely devine! The smell is so beautiful and pure."  - Tanya


"I saw Mum today - she smelt amazing! She loves her body oil"  - Eve


"OMG Natalie, the oil smells exactly like the flowers that have just started coming out garden. I'm not parting with it - so I've ordered a another one, for my daughter". - Sue


"The oils arrived today and smell amazing. These will be gifts, if I can manage not to get into them before Xmas! Thank you" - Sarah (feedback given while re-ordering).


Further description and uses of the oils:


The base of sweet almond is a nurturing oil to the skin, high in nutrients, and offering an anti-inflammatory effect to the skin. It supports improving complexion and skin tone, and is used to treat dry skin, eczema, sun damage and psoriasis and acne.


Hyacinth is known for its mood-enhancing therapeutic benefits. It has powerful calming, sedative properties and makes a great mental relaxant and can help alleviate anxiety and stress. Hyacinth is useful for healing wounds, irritated skin conditions and has cell-regenerative properties, so helpful for healing scars. Hyacinth helps to nourish and soften the skin and on an emotional level it supports the heart.




Hyacinth Body Oil 150ml

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