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About Sagrada

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Meet Natalie

I’m Natalie Siobhan, Intuitive Healer, Trained Naturopath and Shamanic Initiate, based in Waihi Beach. Offerings include body work, energy healing, shamanic journey and medicinal blends including herbs, mushrooms, ceremonial oils and blue lotus products. 

My passion is to bring people home to themselves in every sense - I have cultivated a wide range of tools to assist with this journey and I create a sense of trust and guidance for my clients. 

Originally from Auckland, more recently I have lived in Mexico for a number of years, where I taught English, volunteered and helped to set up eco-communities and animal shelters. 


Mexico gifted me a wealth of experience, including a second language, rich cultural immersion and the opportunity to experience shamanic initiation and the indigenous traditions of the Americas.


My clinic is intentionally created to provide a safe space where real healing occurs at all levels, setting you up for health and success on your journey of life.

My product range are made of highly valued ingredients chosen for both medicinal and metaphysical properties and are intuitively created with pure intention.  

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