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Energy Healing

Energy healing, including Reiki, has a positive effect on the body mind and soul, helping to facilitate helpful changes to your mental wellbeing and energetic body. 

Effects can include letting go of old thought processes or energies that are holding us back, clearing activity from an over active mind in order to see our path more clearly and self confidence in getting ourselves aligned to our higher purpose. 

A session involves non invasive, gentle touch on various parts of the body, leading to deep relaxation and a sense of calm. For best results its recommended to experience 3 reiki sessions over 6 weeks.

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Body Work

Body work involves connecting in with the body and responding intuitively to what is needed in the present moment. Your session may include a range of modalities including aromatherapy, massage, somatic and breath work. 

Natalie is a fully trained massage therapist with additional qualifications in techniques such as reflexology, aromatherapy and trauma informed. Additional studies have included somatic work, breath work and dance. 

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Intuitive Healing
Energy Healing
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Highly recommend a session with Natalie, how lucky we are to have such a caring, generous and intuitive guide in our community!


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