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Massage Therapy

Enjoy a full body massage with a delicious handmade aromatherapy blend of oils - using a wide range of techniques suited to your needs, including swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage. 

If you would like your own personal aromatherapy blend, tailored to your requirements, please choose a session that includes an additional aromatherapy booking with your appointment.


Highly recommend a session with Natalie, how lucky we are to have such a caring, generous and intuitive guide in our community!


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Reiki Treatments

Reiki has a positive effect on the body mind and soul, helping to facilitate helpful changes to your mental wellbeing and energetic body. 

Effects of reiki can include letting go of old thought processes or energies that are holding us back, clearing activity from an over active mind in order to see our path more clearly and self confidence in getting ourselves aligned to our higher purpose. 

A session involves non invasive, gentle touch on various parts of the body, leading to deep relaxation and a sense of calm. For best results its recommended to experience 3 reiki sessions over 6 weeks.

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Sagrada Blessing Boxes

A Sagrada Blessing Box Retreat is a half day wellbeing retreat for you or a loved one. 

This ultimate self-care package, includes a personalised tea blending experience, an aromatherapy session, to make your own bespoke oil, at least an hour of massage and reiki and finally a crystal consultation, where we create pouch of hand chosen crystals. At the end of our session, you'll have your bespoke tea, aromatherapy oil and chosen crystals in a gift box to take home and continue your experience of self-care - bringing personal ceremony into everyday life. 

For children, the Blessing Box for kids is a fun way for them to get creative and interactive. They are invited to participate in making their own herbal tea or bath salts, aromatherapy oil and choosing crystals for a pouch. All packaged up in a take-home box. They will also get the opportunity to receive a crystal/reiki healing as well as a foot and hand massage, with parent participation. A fun and relaxing activity, that gently introduces creating self space and personal ceremony in everyday life. 

  • Includes Blessing Box of goodness to take home

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    3 hr 30 min

    300 New Zealand dollars
Blessing Boxes

I can't thank Natalie enough for nurturing us and creating such a safe haven. [During our Blessing Box] we created and tasted our own tea blends, Frankie created her own personal oil blend all based on things she felt she needed to support her and had space to discuss what she felt she needed. She chose crystals, we massaged her, cleared some space in her and empower her with messages to support her going forward. Basically just showered her with love and put her on a pedestal and reminded her what a magical special unique creation she is.


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Intuitive Healing
Energy Healing
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Did you know Sagrada has gift certificates available?

Click on the button below to treat yourself or a friend to our services. They are available for any service or value you wish. 

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