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The ancient Egyptians revered the blue lotus flower and cherished its psychoactive properties.  The blue lotus flower symbolized regeneration, fertility, water, and plant life.Today, it is highly sought after for its euphoric effects. In lower doses, the blue lotus flower soothes anxiety and acts as a sleep aid. 


The blue lotus is rich in antioxidants, Ancient Egyptians and Mayans used blue lotus flowers as ritual plants to achieve euphoria and ecstasy. The flower was depicted in ancient Egyptian papyri and tomb art, and during the 14th century B.C., ancient Egyptians used it for healing and shamanic rituals. These plants played a vital role in the cultures they flourished in.


Today, the blue lotus flower is used to soothe anxiety and help people sleep better, and can be hallucinogenic to some extent if consumed in high concentration. The potency of this plant is much more notable when mixed in an alcohol-based tincture as it begins to enhance the effects of the psychoactive properties.”


Several bioactive compounds are thought to be responsible for the psychoactive properties of the blue lotus flower. They influence your mood, calm your nerves, and may benefit you in several ways. Let’s explore the benefits in the next section.


The blue lotus flower contains the alkaloids apomorphine and nuciferine, which help release dopamine and serotonin to influence your mood and produce mild psychoactive effects that induce euphoria. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the flower may also cause visual and auditory hallucinations.

Anecdotal evidence suggests blue lotus flower tea helps people have more lucid dreams.


Blue lotus flowers are known for their anxiety-relieving abilities. Lotus blossoms are used to ‘calm emotional disturbances’ in Eastern medicine. Apomorphine has also been linked to reducing anxiety levels.


Sagrada Blue Lotus Oil drops, are a cold pressed Blue Lotus oil in a coconut oil base and can be taken internally as well as used on the body externally. 


Directions: take one drop under the tongue before bed to enhance sleep hygiene and lucid dreaming experiences.  


Dose can slowly be increased over time until desired results are achieved. 


For anxiety take one drop to calm and sooth as required throughout the day. 


Apply to face if you wish as part of your night time skin routine. 





Blue Lotus Oil Drops 30ml

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