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Blue Lotus - Organic

Nymphaea carulea 


Discover the powerful benefits of Blue Lotus Resin 50x, an extract made from the flower petals of the Sacred Blue Lily. Originating from the Nile in Egypt, this ancient herb has been utilized for centuries in both medicinal and ritualistic practices. With a 50x potency, 50 grams of Blue Lotus is used to yield just 1 gram of potent resin extract, ensuring a concentrated and effective product.


Whether used for its calming and stress-reducing properties or for its ceremonial significance, Blue Lotus Resin is revered by those seeking holistic health and well-being.


The Blue Lotus resin can be used in a variety of ways, with one traditional method being brewing it into a soothing tea. To make a cup of Blue Lotus tea, simply add approximately 0.10 gram of extract to hot water and enjoy the calming and relaxing effects. You can gradually increase the dose until you achieve the desired effect. 


Add this sacred plant extract to your wellness routine and experience the natural goodness of Blue Lotus.



Blue Lotus - Resin

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