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Butterfly Pea

Clitoria Ternatea


Sourced from a private owned plantation in Thailand, these Butterfly Pea Flowers are of exquisite quality, ethically sourced and are a foundation to support income to a small network of communities.


The flowers are dried in 3 stages, with grading done continually throughout this process. First and second stages are completed in the community, and third drying stage is completed in a high-grade solar dryer, reducing moisture content down to approximately 3%, which makes for a longer lasting product.


Butterfly Pea Flower is known for it's incredible known benefits such as antioxidant support, rich in anthocyanins that support well-being, and research has even shown that it may contribute to cognitive health and stress relief.


Transformation is also a qualiity of this flower. Butterflies are a symbol of personal growth from within. Adding lemon juice to the tea will change its colour - symbolizing the change that happens deep within our souls. 


Butterfly Pea tea is perfect for ritual, ceremony and transformative healing meditation. First set an intention, then pour boiling water over your tea and watch the water colour to blue. Bring into awareness  the things you wish to transform in your life - letting go of the old way with gratitude and acceptance. Squeeze lemon juice into your tea and watch the color change from blue to purple, representing your spiritual state changing into your desired state of being. Welcome in transformation.


Butterfly Pea

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