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This magical blend of herbs includes plants highly prized for their ability to support the lucid dreaming process. Designed to be used in conjunction with other lucid dreaming techniques, and also supports the pineal gland and intuition. 


Blue Lotus was prized by ancient Egyptians for its medicinal properties as well as its psycho-active effect and ability to aid with spiritual connection and lucid dreaming. The delicate floral flavour of the Blue Lotus is a key note in this delicous tea blend, enhanced and sweetened by the Licorice root. 


Made with organic or home grown ingredients known to support lucid dreaming:

Blue Lotus





African Dream Herb






Do you love this tea blend? Refill bags are available via website.

Use one teaspoon of tea per cup - enjoy in the evening before bed to support your lucid dream protocol. For best results drink every night, for at least a week.


Consider combining with Blue Lotus smoking mix, Lucid dream anointing oil or Lucid dream tincture. 






Lucid Dream Tea with Blue Lotus

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