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Double extract tincture made with 75% Organic Blue Lotus flowers 30mls


Revered in ancient Egypt, Nymphaea caerulea, known as Blue Lotus is blended in this high potency herbal tincture - with other powerful herbs chosen to assist with lucid dreaming practice.


Dose: 1 drop under the tongue before bed, increasing over time to 2 drops, and so on, until desired results are achieved. Don't exceed one full dropper per night. Not intended for continuous use.


Ingredients: Blue Lotus 75%, African Dream Dream Herb, Sunflower Lecithin, Alcohol.


Works best along side a Lucid Dreaming protocol. 



Client feedback:

'It was incredible, with one drop I have been doing lots of healing, I had lots of say of the direction of the dreams, healing old relationships/wounds, with 2 it went next level, I was sitting and meditating in the theta state and I was getting feelings in the back of my head and neck when I was called back from my mediation journey in my dreams, this happened about 3 times. I have woken up feeling very calm and connected.' - Jordan

'I'm loving the drops, I'm sleeping really well and can remember my dreams when I wake up. I feel like I'm also being empowered in my dreams, which I equate to being lucid. I'm taking between 1 and 3 drops per night' - Matiu


The first night I used this product, along side the Sagrada Lucid Dreaming oil and my Blue Lotus tea, it was a very deep solid sleep. The next night I decided to use the Lucid Dreaming tincture alone. I took one drop, I found that when I had important dreams or messages, I wake up (which assisted with recall). I got images of sacred geometry and received activations and messages. I've woken to light language, sacred geometry and symbols that settle in my body. It feels that my 3rd eye has been activated. I feel the tincture is very powerful and that 1 drop per night is adequate. I am having break days to process and integrate the messages. - Tanya


The big difference that I have noticed, is that I am remembering my dreams. The dreams have been interesting and unusual, so I have been working on interpreting them. One time I had a dream about what had happened during the day - and it felt like I was releasing it in my dream state. I love the taste too. - Virginia







Lucid Dreaming Tincture

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