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Created to protect lungs over the winter season, support lungs that have sustained damage and to assist with recovery after viral attack. Stay healthy and protect your lungs with this highly effective respiratory health tea:


Mullein - Mullein is an expectorant, which means it helps the body expel excess mucus, usually by helping make your coughs more productive, to bring up mucus that may be settling in the chest or in the throat. It is also a demulcent. Studies show that demulcents create a soothing anti-inflammatory coating over mucous membranes.


Elderberry - May help you recover from respiratory illnesses faster, reducing the duration of the common cold, as well as upper respiratory infections and influenza.  

Contains quercetin, a flavonoid and antioxidant that’s known to support lung function, especially in those who suffer from asthma and chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease. 


Thyme - works as an expectorant, which means it helps to bring 'things' up, like stuck phlegm or mucus. It also works as a spasmolytic which means it can help with coughing fits and help to calm the respiratory muscles - really helpful for those that suffer from asthma as well.


Horehound - has been used traditionally for years as a herb for respiratory health because it helps support relaxed and efficient breathing and also helps support sore throats and coughing fits


Ginger - due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, ginger causes bronchodilation in asthmatic patients. Various animal and human clinical studies have demonstrated the bronchodilatory effects of ginger. Ginger also breaks down the thick mucus and helps to expel out the mucus


Star Anise - has traditionally been used to treat respiratory infections such as coughs and bronchitis (or asthma). It is believed to have expectorant properties, which means it can help to loosen mucus in the respiratory tract and make it easier to cough up


Cinnamon - powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that naturally help your immune system fight off germs. 



Recent review: 

Can't rate this Tea enough, with covid this helped instantly lift that heaviness in my chest after just having one tea... Have Highly recommended this tea to so many, thank you Natalie

 - Bop Perry, Wanaka



Respiratory Health

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