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Blue Lotus was a reverred medicine to the ancient Egyptians. These sacred bathing salts contain dried flowers and essential oils reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian luxury including:


Dried Flowers:

Blue Lotus

Butterfly Pea



Essential Oils:

Blue Lotus




Now more than ever, we are sensing the importance of bringing ceremony and ritual into everyday life - the opportunity to be still, and connected, in the present moment.


These products are a work of love and care, will include exquisite essential oils as well as dried flowers that come to life in a bath or footspa.


As you can expect from all my handmade products - everything included is 100% pure and natural and of high quality. My intention, is to take you on a journey of the senses, using fragrance, colour and the nurturing qualities of the plants.


Approx 300grams

Blue Lotus Bathing Salts

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