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If this is your first time ordering this product, please book a free telephone consult first, so that we can discuss your individual requirements and dosing protocol:


This product contains a 60g blend of 7 medicinal mushrooms in equal quantities and 20g of Seleno Health cacao powder. 



Cordyceps - improves exercise performance, anti-aging, anti-tumour, balance blood sugars, protects heart and helps to lower cholesterol.


Organic Chaga - supports immunity, anti tumor, healthy digestion and blood sugars, anti oxidant, helps endurance, reduces inflammation, supports cognition, memory and adrenals, lowers cholesterol.


Organic Lions Mane - the brain mushroom. Protects against dementia, relief for anxiety and depression, supports nervous and cardiovascular systems and GI tract, anti tumour, balances blood sugars.


Organic Reishi - supports immunity, anti tumour, supports against fatigue and depression. Reishi mushroom supports the adrenal glands by functioning as an adaptogen and lowering cortisol levels, helping to fight chronic stress and fatigue.


Organic Shiitake - high in B vitamins that helps convert the nutrients in food to usable energy which in turn supports adrenal function. Also supports weight loss and cardiovascular system, supports brain function and energy levels, reduces inflammation and supports immunity, anti-tumour. 


Organic Maitake - Adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stressful situations or changes. 


A great choice for those who are wanting to include the benefits of mushrooms and cacao into daily routine.


Also helpful for those wanting to transition off the daily coffee habbit onto a product to enhance health and wellbeing - this intuitively blended option is perfect for you.


Take one teaspoon in boiling water - and serve as you would your usual tea or coffee. Can also be added to your morning coffee. 




Sagrada 8

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