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Created with essential oils with properties to assist with self love, including:


Tuberose is frequently used as a heart note, it is an grounding, fortifying and empowering oil which helps us stay with our feet firmly on the ground whilst we deal with turbulent times. It is effective also for offering support throughout a transformation of character.


Rosewood helps prepare for spiritual healing. It assists in facilitating meaningful meditation and can help ease anxiety. 


Also includes:

Pink Lotus, Jamarosa, Rose Otto, Rose Geranium and Palmarosa.


We know its important to cultivate Self Love  - and it all starts with connection. This precious annointing oil has been created with plants that lean into the journey toward self love, starting with connection and care.  


This special oil contains a high concentration of aromatherapy oils, designed to be used in daily ceremony as an anointing oil - it can be worn as a fragrance or used in bathing waters. It is recommended that additional carrier such as sweet almond oil is added when using for massage or body oil.

Self Love 30ml

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